Baby Love Launch – Skincare Collection

Baby Love is in the air
Allter Coco Nourish Range coming soon!

Mommies, we know you love your baby boo more than anyone else in the world. They’re your little hearts wrapped in cute smiles and sparkling eyes.
And you sure do smother them with a lot of kisses, hugs and snuggles… but there’s another way you can shower them with lots of love!

new-range- of- babaylove

And not just yours, nature’s love too…
Allter’s just launched Coco Nourish Collection is all you would ever need to pamper your sweetheart. The range consists of three 100% natural, organically formulated, and toxin-free products. Coconut Oil is the hero ingredient, in addition to other rich ayurvedic ingredients and Vitamin E.

The oil is the purest, cold-pressed coconut oil specially designed for infant’s hyper-sensitive skincare. Loaded with nature’s powerful reserves like Neem, Ashwagandha, Tulsi, and Mulethi that nourish and soothe your little one. The pure goodness remains undiluted from any artificial chemicals, fragrances, parabens, mineral oil, etc. It’s a non-greasy, quick-absorbing formula that retains all its goodness due to our special organic formulation process and provides continuous moisturization up to 8 hours. High in lauric acid… this oil in its purest form has been the secret to keeping your baby healthy, happy and well-moisturized.

Up next is the “Coconut Hydrating Wash” that nourishes while hydrating the baby tip to toe. The product has been designed to counter parent’s complaints of dryness, flakiness and stripped skin barrier after baby bath.
As the name suggests, the ‘hydrating’ element is specially added with aloe vera. It’s an ultra-mild and pH sensitive solution dermatologically tested with plant-based bubbles. The tear-free formula has absolutely no parabens, sulfates that can harm or tamper with your baby’s skin barrier.

Last but never least, “Soothing Cream” is a luxurious, lightweight soothing cream that’s formulated with a slew of natural ingredients. The natural formula protects the skin and prevents the baby from dryness, rashes, redness… If your little one gets a bruise or a bump while playing… a quick pump of this and you’ll see a visible difference after 3-4 uses. The formula is free of any fragrances/preservatives and adds an instant soothing effect.
So if you’re a modern mom, scouting for baby care options… instead of settling for products that have harsh chemicals, little to no purity of ingredients, set your heart on Baby Love.

Coming soon.

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