• Wipe it wow Combo


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    This combo contains:
    Wipes (Pack of 72)
    All-purpose Soothing Cream
    (100 g)

    Sometimes a mom needs a quick fix-up!

    Our Wipe It Wow is a convenient solution for some messy and unpredictable baby disasters. An easy, carry-friendly combo contains over 99% water wipes for hassle-free cleaning and all-purpose soothing cream to prevent any dryness.

  • Squeaky Clean Combo


    FLAT 20% OFF

    This combo contains:
    Wipes (Pack of 72)
    Massage Oil (200 ml)
    Hydrating wash (200 ml)

    The perfect antidote to your messy troublemaker? The Allter squeaky clean combo is IT!

    It contains over 99% water wipes enriched with aloe vera and glycerine that are gentle and non-drying on your baby’s skin.

    Coupled with the hydrating wash and massage oil combo you can add a layer of moisture to your baby’s skin without a worry of harsh chemicals or questionable parabens.

  • Buy 5 Get 5 Bamboo Baby Wipes free


    Gentle on the skin, and super absorbent, .allter wipes are a hassle-free way of safely cleaning up hands, face and bums.

    Pack Quantity – Pack of 10 (Regular 72 Pcs)

    • Bamboo Water Wipes
    • Extra Thick Fabric Made Of Bamboo
    • No Alcohol
    • Parabens Or Harsh Chemicals
    • Only The Purest Water And Aloe Vera For Your Baby