• Wipe it wow Combo


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    This combo contains:
    Wipes (Pack of 72)
    All-purpose Soothing Cream
    (100 g)

    Sometimes a mom needs a quick fix-up!

    Our Wipe It Wow is a convenient solution for some messy and unpredictable baby disasters. An easy, carry-friendly combo contains over 99% water wipes for hassle-free cleaning and all-purpose soothing cream to prevent any dryness.

  • Bamboo Diaper Pack of 4 + Bamboo Baby Wipe Bundle

    3,996.00 3,596.00

    Soft and snug, like a mother’s hug, .allter baby diapers are a perfect combination of the goodness of natural fiber with the ease of disposable diapers. Made of 100% Bamboo Pulp core, these are gentle not only for your baby but for the environment too.

    Gentle on the skin, and super absorbent, .allter wipes are a hassle-free way of safely cleaning up hands, face and bums.

    When you shop this bundle, you get four .allter Bamboo Diaper Packs and one pack of .allter Bamboo Baby Regular pack of wipes for your little one.

    Just Out (New Born Size) 34 PCS
    Crawler (Small Size) 32 PCS
    Toddler (Medium Size) 28 PCS
    Walker (Large Size) 24 PCS
    Explorer (XL Size) 22 PCS