• Baby Bliss Combo


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    This combo contains:
    Massage Oil (200 ml)
    Hydrating wash (200 ml)

    Pamper your baby with nature’s best!

    A nutrient-loaded and nourishing combination, this makes the baby’s skin supple and soft.

    Our hydrating wash is made from coconut-derived cleansing agents followed by which you can use our 100% pure, chemical-free massage oil to add 24-hour moisturization.

    Regular use of this acts as an immunity booster and promotes growth.

  • Coconut Massage Oil


    Coconut Oil massage has been one of the most tested practices passed over generations by the grandmothers. It is loaded with soothing natural nutrients and healthy fatty acids that keep your little one’s skin beautifully moisturised and soft as fluff.

    • Hydrate: Lightweight and non-greasy formulation with moisture that penetrates deeply into the skin. Organically derived Coconut Oil is a magical moisturizer that keeps your baby’s skin soft, supple and smooth.
    • Protect: Soothing and calming effect in one application, Neem and Ashwagandha help relieve skin inflammation/ stress.
      Tulsi in the formula acts as an added immune booster, keeping your baby’s spirits up and smiles on!
    • Nurture: Caressing baby’s skin in a gentle way, Mulethi Extracts smothers the baby’s skin barrier with a layer of goodness.
      Fighting all the free radicals that cause damage, just is nature’s way of taking care.

    We’ve packed this amazing nutrient-filled oil without any nasties..
    There are no synthetic  fragrances or preservatives added just to commercially fit the flowery image of a baby product.

    The oil is 100% pure, raw, cold-pressed, organically derived.

    • Parabens
    • Sulphates
    • Phenoxyethanol
    • Phthalates
    • Mineral Oils
    • Synthetic Fragrances

    Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, but magically melts as you rub your hands together.  While massaging your baby, start slowly from the legs and while gently moving upwards until oil is fully absorbed. We recommend using this nourishing oil after baby bath, at nappy changes and whenever the skin needs some moisturizing.

    Recommended: Although coconut allergies are rare, we still advise you to do a patch test beforehand.

    Coconut oil melts to a liquid at temperatures above 24 degrees and solidifies when cool, retaining all its natural properties.
    Storage conditions: Please keep the bottle away from direct sunlight. It’s recommended that you store the bottle in a cool & dry place.