• Wipe it wow Combo


    FLAT 20% OFF

    This combo contains:
    Wipes (Pack of 72)
    All-purpose Soothing Cream
    (100 g)

    Sometimes a mom needs a quick fix-up!

    Our Wipe It Wow is a convenient solution for some messy and unpredictable baby disasters. An easy, carry-friendly combo contains over 99% water wipes for hassle-free cleaning and all-purpose soothing cream to prevent any dryness.

  • Bubblin’ Fresh Combo


    FLAT 20% OFF

    This combo contains:
    Hydrating wash (200 ml)
    All-purpose soothing cream (100 g)

    Your baby deserves all things good, gentle and natural.

    This combo is the perfect one for babies with dry and rash-prone skin. It contains the hydrating wash that doesn’t strip away any moisture from the baby’s sensitive skin barrier. With the all purpose soothing cream that keeps irritations at bay.

    Both the products are 100% natural and chemical-free.

  • Welcome to the FAM Newborn Kit


    This combo contains:
    Wipes (Pack of 72)
    Newborn Diapers (Pack of 34)
    All Baby Care Love Range

    Being a mom is tough? We’ve made it easier with this combo!

    It’s got all that your baby needs. It contains 5 items, exclusively designed for a newborn’s ultra-sensitive skin.

    The diapers are made of bamboo fibers with no chemicals, fragrances, etc. And Allter’s Baby Skincare range gives your lil’ one all the TLC their skin needs.