Bamboo Baby Wipes – Buy 3 Get 1

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100% natural, bamboo-based wipes that are super-absorbent yet gentle on your baby’s bums, hands and face, A hassle-free, safe alternative to your baby’s sanitary needs.
Great for the skin+ savings: But 3 Wipes packs and get 1 free

Pack Quantity – 72 Pcs X 4 Packs

  • Bamboo Water Wipes
  • Extra Thick Fabric Made Of Bamboo
  • No Alcohol
  • Parabens Or Harsh Chemicals
  • Only The Purest Water And Aloe Vera For Your Baby

899.00 885.00


What makes .allter wipes so good?

Additional Information

We have used highest amount of water to keep the wipes as chemical free as possible, because of which, the top sometimes may get dry. To remedy this, simply overturn the closed packet and gently squeeze it a few times so that the formulation is redistributed amongst all remaining wipes. 

DO NOT dispose in toilet. 

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Buy 3 Wipes Get 1 Free – Bamboo Baby Wipes


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