Bamboo Diaper Pack + Bamboo Baby Wipes Bundle

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Soft and snug, like a mother’s hug, .allter baby diapers are a perfect combination of the goodness of natural fiber with the ease of disposable diapers. Made of 100% Bamboo Pulp core, these are gentle not only for your baby but for the environment too.

Gentle on the skin, and super absorbent, .allter wipes are a hassle-free way of safely cleaning up hands, face and bums.

When you shop this bundle, you get one .allter Bamboo Diaper Pack and two packs of .allter Bamboo Baby Travel Wipe for your little one.

Just Out (New Born Size)34 PCS
Crawler (Small Size)32 PCS
Toddler (Medium Size)28 PCS
Walker (Large Size)24 PCS
Explorer (XL Size)22 PCS
Baby ExplorerBaby ExplorerBaby ExplorerBaby FeetBaby FeetBaby Feet

Goodness Of Allter Diapers

Size Chart

New BornUp to 4 kgs34 Diapers
Small3-6 kgs32 Diapers
Medium5-8 kgs28 Diapers
Large7-12 kgs24 Diapers
Extra Large11-18 kgs22 Diapers

Additional Information:

Change diaper immediately upon soiling.
Wrap the soiled diapers and discard in trash bin only. DO NOT dispose in toilet.

Additional information


Just Out (New Born Size), Crawler (Small Size), Toddler (Medium Size), Walker (Large Size), Explorer (XL Size)


Baby Explorer, Baby Feet


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