All Purpose Soothing Cream
All Purpose Soothing Cream
All Purpose Soothing Cream
All Purpose Soothing Cream
All Purpose Soothing Cream

All Purpose Soothing Cream

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A non-greasy, lightweight cream formulated especially for a baby’s delicate skin. The gentle blend of natural ingredients like Pure Coconuts, Aloe-Vera, Tulsi, Mulethi and Turmeric sooth and shield the newborn, and protect sensitive and rash-prone baby skin.
What it does?

Heal: Naturally repairing ingredients like Neem, Mulethi, and Aloe Vera soothe and replenishes the baby’s 7 times more sensitive skin.This ayurvedic blend aids wound-healing with the help of tonnes of moisturising agents.

Protect: This all-purpose cream is effective in treating bumps, bruises, redness, rashes and dryness. Tumeric in the formulation is trusted by mothers and grannies far more than any other topical ointments when it comes to skin-shielding properties.

Moisturization: Coconut and Aloevera helps in maintaing the Softness and smoothness within the skin. It is is crafted with the best of natural and organic ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals.

All That's Good

Our luxurious cream brings instant hydration to your baby’s skin. The 100% pure organically formulated, unrefined coconut oil with a blend of gentle plant-based ingredients actively strengthen and nourish the skin’s auto-shielding function to lock in vital moisture and prevent water loss.
The cream is made free of parabens, chemicals and synthetic.

What We Kept Out?

Mineral Oils
Synthetic Fragrances

How to use

The Coco Nourish Soothing Cream can be generously applied on your baby’s body. Gently massage cream onto their face, body or hand while avoiding eye area.
We recommend using it at least once everyday post-bath and whenever you feel your baby’s skin is getting dry, scaly or dehydrated.
Remember, to also use it if your baby gets bumps, bruises or rashes after playing.

Cuations and Storage Conditions

Although instances of natural products causing skin allergies are rare, we will still recommend you to conduct a patch test on your baby’s elbow.
Storage conditions:Please store the bottle in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from direct sunlight. Also ensure you keep the bottle tightly closed after use.

All Purpose Soothing Cream

All Purpose Soothing Cream

Rs. 225.00 Rs. 299.00

What’s inside is what truly matters…


Coconut Oil

Plenty of healthy fatty acids and tonnes of lauric acid, is what’s so goody-good about 100% pure coconut oil. It penetrates deep into skin and nourishes your baby from the inside out. It’s also anti-microbial to keep rashes/ irritations miles away.

+ Vitamin E, Lauric Acid, Tons of healthy fatty acids


The anti-inflammatory and bacteria-fighting properties of Aloe Vera makes it an excellent wound healer. It also has a calming effect on your baby and promotes a healthy skin barrier, shielding it from harmful enzymes.

+ Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Choline


One of the safest herbs used widely, for the treatment of skin disorders...curcumin- an active ingredient in turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. In particular, this helps alleviate itchy baby skin and other annoying symptoms of eczema.

+ Vitamin C, Magnesium, Fiber


Rich in calcium and mineral content, Neem helps alleviate inflammation for your little one. It also acts as a strong barrier against harsh UV rays and pollution, owing to its amazing antioxidant properties.

+ Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Vitamin E


A powerhouse of antioxidants and healthy nutrients, mulethi effectively scavenges free oxygen radicals and diminishes oxidative damage. Flushing all toxins, this keeps skin infections at bay.

+ Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Biotin, Iron

When can you start using Coco Nourish Soothing Cream for your baby?

The Coco Nourish Soothing Cream is completely free from harmful chemicals and safe to use on the skin. You can start as early as one month old.

Can this be used in both winter and summer seasons?

Absolutely, you can.
The lightweight and non-greasy formulation of the Soothing Cream ensures that your baby gets all the hydrations without the unnecessary oiliness.

How frequently can we use this cream?

We recommend you use this everyday post-bath as well as whenever your baby’s skin feels dry/ dehydrated/ irritated.
It keeps your baby’s skin healthy and moisturised.

Are there any harsh chemicals present in the Soothing Cream?

A very firm no to all the toxins including synthetic fragrances, colours, parabens, mineral oils. All our products are free of chemical baddies.