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The .allter movement

Ahoy Allterers!

With the growing need for us to adopt sustainable living methods, .allter has come to inspire people to make informed choices. As the environmental concerns rise all around us, .allter is that safe space of changes that are mindful; changes that help you to make a difference to the environment, yet are functional and easy to adopt.

Alltering is Cool. Alltering is fun!

By choosing .allter, you have taken the first step of looking at life and environment from a different perspective, to preserve, grow and enjoy in the process. .allter seeks to help this new generation of change makers to find sustainable solutions to common environmental problems that nurture life right from a baby’s birth. This is the thought behind our first range of products: .allter Bamboo diapers and wipes.

Better for Baby Bum

At Allter, we know that mommies know what’s best for their kids, but we believe in helping mommies make informed choices for their little ones, so that their babies are always healthy and happy. So, here’s why Allter diapers and wipes are better for bums:

Baby diapers & wipes for newborn

Certified Organic

Baby product online by allter


bamboo nature eco friendly baby diapers

Alcohol and Paraben Free

Natural baby diapers & wipes

Fragrance Free

Lets Allter bamboo cloth diaper online price for newborn

Soft and perfect for sensitive baby skin

Lets Allter bamboo cloth diaper online for newborn

Breathable backsheet

Allter Baby Wipes & Diapers

Dry and leak proof,
with wetness indicator

Bamboo Nature Premium Baby Diapers India

Extra thin and lightweight

Bamboo Baby Wipes Online

Goodness of Glycerine and aloe Vera extracts

The Goodness Of Bamboo

We are passionate about sustainability and conscious living so when we discovered the benefits of Bamboo, we couldn’t contain our joy. Here is something we feel is worth knowing about this bundle of ‘Green’ goodness:

Certified Organic

Short crop cycle

Doen’t require irrigation and pesticides

Greenhouse gases absorber

prevents soil erosion

So, by choosing Allter, you become an Allterer; who’s willing to embrace change to preserve our beautiful blue and green ball of wonder, our lovely planet. But the fact that you’re here; you’re an Allterer already!

Here’s wishing you Happy Alltering!

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