Yummy-Tummy Cooling Foods for Babies to Eat this Summer!

Is your baby getting fussier, as the scorching summer comes near? We might just have the best solution for you, and it’s super-delish relish, mommies.

Read on to find out…

Yummy-tummy cooling foods for babies to eat this Summer

It’s beginning to feel like summers and in no time, we adults will be sticking our heads in the refrigerator, scooping ice cream and indulging in mango mania, to beat the heat!

Unfortunately you lil’ sunshine can’t reach for a refreshing drink to chill. But you’ll sure see angry wails and untimely cranky spells, if you can’t tend to their hydration and nutritional needs.

So what do you do mommies?

Choose from the list of baby-friendly foods we’ve jotted down for you:

  1. Watermelon

Watermelon is at the top of the list and the reason= It’s 92% water. So there’s no shock why we’ve chosen this first.

Apart from the amazing hydration content, it’s loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that bash body toxins and help improve skin health. And what’s better, you can introduce it only after 6 months.

  1. Cucumber

You know what they say about Cucumbers? They’re the vegetable equivalent of a watermelon!

They contain 90% water by weight, and tonnes of vitamins, fiber, flavonoids, and electrolytes to keep constipation miles away from your lil’ baby. Amazing right?

  1. Coconut Water

The perfect summer drink doesn’t exist-

Oh wait, it does!

Coconut water, it’s rich in potassium and promotes temperature regulation. It also cools the body and keeps the digestive system working properly.

  1. Yogurt

Sometimes the solution to our problems is right in front of our eyes…. Yet we miss it.

Yogurt is one such miracle food. It can be easily found in every Indian home and it’s loaded with probiotic benefits.

The perfect cooling summer food, yogurt gives babies protein, calcium as well as Vitamin D. It also boosts immunity and improves skin texture promoting healthy teeth and bones.

  1. Orange

For many people, the best possible way to cool down after a sweltering day outdoors is a refreshing citrus fruit.

80% of them is water and provides great hydration, it also ensures healthy digestion with more potassium with Vitamins A, Vitamin C, calcium, dietary fiber and tons of antioxidants.

So here you have it mommies. The five essential foods to help your baby beat the summer heat. Go try them one by one!

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