How can men help during pregnancy?

by Surbhi Bafna Gupta on Sep 06, 2022

How can men help during pregnancy?

While pregnancy seems so heavily like a woman’s job, there is so much that the dad-to-be can contribute to help both mother and baby. During this period, male partners play important roles as decision-makers at the household level in many ways. As a dad, you may be wondering how you can support your partner and form your own bond with baby.

How can the husband of a pregnant woman help? Here are some suggestions:Fathers need to do their bit as well to help out the mothers in their ways

-You can help position your wife’s pillow wile she’s breastfeeding.
-Dads are great for bottle feeding.
-Your wife feels supported while you help : help around the house, reduce stress for my partner and make sure she gets enough rest.
-You can burp the baby after the feed- dads chest is great for it!
-Care for the baby in ways other than feeding- bath, diaper change and walks.
-You can constantly remind your wife how proud and appreciative you are of her and she’s doing a great job