Why are Bamboo diapers every conscious mom’s choice?

by LetsAllter Admin on Apr 18, 2022

Why are Bamboo diapers every conscious mom’s choice?

Motherhood in modern times, is a slew of tough and very important choices to cradle your baby with.
With a truckload of options, it gets a tad too confusing for new mommies on how and what to choose for your lil’ one. Baby care products are nowadays tailor made to perfectly accommodate the modern lifestyles.
However, a little too much can always overwhelm them, which is why we’d like to draw their attention towards embracing a completely organic lifestyle through bamboo diapers.

Key Benefits

The soft-silk-like texture of the fiber.
Eco-friendly and the hypoallergenic properties of bamboo.

More liquid absorption as compared to other

Lab tests have shown that bamboo diapers have a holding capacity of more than 70% as compared to the usual cotton diapers. Which means you can expect your baby to stay dry and comfortable for a longer time. It also means you won’t have to worry about frequent diaper changes.

Many mommies also worry about – ‘How long can a baby wear diapers overnight’?

Bamboo diapers with exceptional absorption properties can retain moisture for around 7-8 hours overnight!

Bamboo Diapers do not contain chemicals

Most diaper options often contain chemicals such as alcohol, SLF, chlorine, preservative, and fragrance. While these may be present in a small quantity, everyday use might harm your lil’ baby.
Due to this reason, a lot of moms wonder, whether it’s good for their babies to wear diapers for 24 hours?
But bamboo diapers do not contain any such harmful chemical. Allter diapers are free from these nasty chemicals that may cause rashes to your baby.

They have natural, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and bacteriostatic properties

Keeping bacteria away from your baby’s wiggles, kicks and squirms can often be tough and with little nooks and crannies to clean…
The baby can suffer from allergic reactions, rashes, or irritations, which is why moms are always on the lookout for and often wonder – “Which is the safest diaper to wear?
Bamboo diapers are here to solve that problem!
The antibacterial and bacteriostatic effect helps inhibit the reproduction of bacteria which lowers the risk of any infection.

100% biodegradable

If you’re a new mom wondering- for how long will your baby wear diapers?
Babies mostly use diapers till they’ve turned 2.
The average baby uses almost 7000 diapers in their whole lifetime!
Which makes for quite a hefty price on the pocket, but do you know who else has to pay a big price? The environment!
A regular disposable diaper can take around 500 years to decompose.and has a very negative impact on the planet. Choosing bamboo diapers is always a better option since they’re 100% biodegradable and take only 75 days to decompose.
So what are you waiting for? Explore more about India’s first Bamboo diapers here.