What is the composite of .allter diapers?

allter diapers are composed of the following:

-100% Bamboo Pulp core
-Cloth like top sheet
-Velcro side tape
-Frontal Tape
-Breathable Backsheet
-No leak cuffs
-Super Dry Layer
-Wetness Indicator

How often do I change the .allter diapers?

For Pee: .allter comes with a special wetness indicator to make your life easier. As soon as the wetness indicator begins changing color from yellow to (?), you know it’s time for a change.

For Poop: Peek inside the diaper. Any trace of poop means it’s time for an immediate change.

But at the end of the day, relying on your baby’s natural cues is always a good idea, as every baby’s pee patterns may be different.

How to use .allter diapers?

When you put on a new diaper. Place your fingers over the inner gathers to keep them raised then lift the diaper over your baby's navel. Hold down the sides of the diaper. And gently pull the tape.

What to do if the diaper leaks?

We work hard to provide you a leak proof experience. But if you experience a leak, it can be caused by one of these three things:

While putting the diaper on, if the leak guards were not spread out properly, you will get leaks. Make sure you lift the leak guards and spread them out.

If the diapers are not fitting snugly on your baby, it may leak. Make sure to firmly pull the .allter diaper up between baby’s legs and adjust properly using the Velcro strips.

Thirdly, your baby may need a change of size. Try a different sized diaper. This may be helpful to suit your baby’s specific body shape.

How is the .alter diaper different from other diapers?

Ordinary diapers are composed of over 50% plastic and other synthetic materials. .allter diapers have been designed specifically with an aim to use natural materials like Bamboo pulp while providing super dry performance and comfort to your baby.


What are the ingredients of .allter wipes?

.allter wipes are made of bamboo and the purest of water and aloe vera extracts, and are free of alcohol and harsh chemicals to provide a gentle and safe experience to you. The fabric is extra thick and strong.

What’s Inside?

Water Content 99%, Sodium Benzoate, Glycerine, Aloe Vera Extract, Decyl Glucoside, D-Panthenol, Potassium Sorbate, Disodium Cocoamphoacetate, Mild Fragrance.

Are .allter wipes safe to use on face?

Yes. .allter wipes are safe for external use, including hands, face and bums. Avoid using on wounds and cuts.

How are .allter diapers and wipes sustainable ?

They are made with certified organic bamboo, which is a less-water intensive and a fast growing crop, with a short crop cycle of 6 months. It is a 100% organic and biodegradable fiber. .allter diapers and wipes are also free of synthetic chemicals and micro plastics, contents that are toxic for the nature.

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What are the ways in which I can associate with .allter?

1. Individual

Every contribution matters. Start small by choosing .allter and help us save at least four trees during a baby’s diaper lifetime. Also, show us some love on your social media pages and share your .allter stories with us.

2. Groups and associations

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Can I Invite the founders for a talk on sustainable living solutions?

Our founders Surbhi and Arnav are keen environmentalists who are always up for sharing ideas on sustainability and green living with others. Drop us a line at our Instagram or Facebook @letsallter.