Nurturing Nature to Nurture us
Our need to .allter these numbers led us to the discovery of the goodness Of Bamboo, the wonder plant that is helping us solve one of the most pressing environmental problems of our times- the mounting plastic waste of disposable diapers. But today, it is not just an environmental concern anymore, as more and more studies have pointed towards the health risks of using the regular disposable diapers. Made of 100% Bamboo, .allter diapers and wipes are organic, with no added chemicals and micro-plastics. They are hypoallergenic, thus ensuring that your babyโ€™s sensitive skin is always well cared for. Simply put, more smiles for the baby and you!
And thereโ€™s an additional benefit too. Choosing .allter is also a firm step in the direction of raising an .allter kid, someone whoโ€™s conscious of his environmental footprint from an early age, so that he can grow up to be the eco-warrior our home, our beautiful planet needs.
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