What precautions do you need to take if this is your first Holi with your kid?

by LetsAllter Admin on Apr 18, 2022

What precautions do you need to take if this is your first Holi with your kid?

HOLI is the celebration of the vibrancy of spring, fertility, love and the triumph of good over evil. It’s the start of new hopes and relationships, signified through the burst of colors everywhere.

The first holi for you and your baby has knocked the calendar. As new mums you’ll be very excited to celebrate the festival of colors with your little angel, but you should keep a few points in mind before you allow someone to smear that color on your baby.

At this very small age, it is best to keep your baby indoors and take her out for small periods of time when he/she is awake, rested and fed. Holi colors are agents of irritation for sensitive skin. So prefer homemade colors or buy genuine organic colors for your baby. Personal tip: Use haldi, kumkum, sandalwood or kesar tilak to mark color on tiny foreheads.

Here are some simple tricks that can help in preventing any undesirable things during holi celebrations with babies-

  • Staying indoor with infants during holi is much preferable
  • Avoid water splashes to keep your baby free from chilly wetness
  • The known faces tend to keep babies comfortable than non familiar ones
  • Avoid direct contact with the baby with colors
  • Try and keep your baby away from big crowds and commotion.
  • Keep your celebrations subtle and gentle to make it smooth for both you and your little one
  • Dress your little munchkin up in coveralls to minimize skin exposure
  • Playing with rose petals will also make great photo opportunities with your baby.

Mums we have some tips to deal merrily with Holi fears! Keep these tips handy and have a bright, safe, colorful and a very happy Holi.